Pacquiao VS Mosley LIVE STREAM

CATEGORY: | Saturday, May 7, 2011
Watch live streaming video from mannylive at

Fast Five XviD

CATEGORY: | Saturday, April 30, 2011


CATEGORY: | Friday, April 29, 2011
Watch live streaming video from royalwedding at

Grasshopper Club

CATEGORY: | Saturday, March 12, 2011
i want to introduce to you the new Club here at RFolympic...

What is Grasshopper Club?
- Grasshopper Club is the club for the players who always online at Doom's chatbox on his blog.

Requirements to become a member of Grasshopper Club.
1. you must be online 1-4hours on the chatbox
2. you must be crazy
3. your age must be 18 above no minors allowed (lol)
4. Any race can join
5. Dont beg for items, money, Etc.
6. you must not be arrogant (Check my grammar if it is wrong)
7. you must also a CHAT ADIK

President: [GM] Doom (The Mastermind)
Chairman: Xenoxider (if doom is out you can ask this guy)
Vice Chairman: MissShin/LedZeplin (if xeno is afk you can ask this guy)
Chairwoman : QianaAddison /DevilCry (Reyna ng Grasshopper Club)

XingHou - Poging Mayabng CB ng ACC
FireFoxChrome - nag iisang nka LB sa ACC xD
SpecMurder - ang hamak na kapatid ni Jupitel
G00dBy3Kiss - Poging Kontrabida
Betamax - online na nakikisali sa club
RaCamura - Legendary RL ng Cora
SuicideVirgin - nag iisang bellato sa club
Go2Hell - Chix ng Grasshopper Club
PautogTao0403 - ang my Perma Bann sa Club
Blindmaiden - Blind not Deaf
[AcePlayer] - Commander Lata
Pestilence - Proud Grasshopper
alow - official pilot ni jupitel
Doom12 - palaging OL ng club
VashTheStampede - Lasinggero sa Club
[Zhion] - Action Star ng ACC
AtiC - Supladong Maingay ng club
Edaj699 - Ang Poging Manyak ng Club
Ionah - Mushroom ng club (Biglang sumulpot)
TifaLockHart - Ks'er ng Club

Janitor: Jupitel (the Ultimate Grasshopper)
Ass. Janitor : romea09 (Legendary Grasshopper)

To those who are not in the list but also a Grasshopper kindly pm me in Doom's Chatbox and to those who cant understand tagalog just use the Tagalog to english translator in google.. TY

P.S. Smile Always dont worry be happy.....


CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 3, 2011
Are you a Female and good looking?
Do you have the creativity and skills?
Ready to advertise and attract players?

We are hiring a Female Advertiser/Assistant Forum Moderator. The main job is to attract players to join our server via advertisements through pictures. You will be wearing different attires appropriate in events of the server.

i.e Halloween/Christmas and other Holidays or Specific Server Event.

Do you have the guts?
Apply now!
Other incentives will be given depending on your work.

Applicants please leave your yahoo messenger. (interview will be on random dates. Webcam and mic is a must) if you cant provide those 2 requirements on a surprise interview then your automatically denied.

All are back to normal

CATEGORY: | Sunday, February 27, 2011
Everything is back to normal now...


Downtime of website, forum and gamecp

someone is attacking the server right now.. but tron and his team is working on it already. sorry for the inconvenience. thank you for your continues support.

Have Fun and Happy Gaming!


Elan Red Zone

CATEGORY: | Saturday, February 26, 2011

Within this area you are not allowed to trap and towers are not allowed also. Anyone caught trapping or building towers on the redzone will get a 120 hours vacation.

Thanks for your Cooperation.

Have Fun and Happy Gaming.
~RFO Staff
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